comfort zone

can we talk about that for a second? i was really excited to go to seminary in large part because i feel like i got sucked into the asian american black hole in college and i was dying to get out. not because i don’t love my asian american friends or being asian american, but because it’s so unidimensional and stereotypical and not challenging or stretching in any way. and there are few places better than seminary to get you out of that asian american black hole.

now i find myself on the opposite end of the spectrum — completely enveloped by a culture totally different from the one that i’m used to, where everyone is white and was born into a christian family and went to a small christian college and gets married immediately after graduating. it was fascinating at first — and since my neighbors are so awesome, it didn’t really hit me for a long time. but now that i’ve been here for a week… gosh. i finally understand what fred bailey said about everyone having cultural needs that need to be met. i would love nothing more than to have someone here who is asian american, who went to a big secular university and who grew up in an environment in which where you went to school was a big deal and going to seminary is something freakish. i actually met someone like that tonight, and it was so refreshing — especially when she talked about how she left her very diverse church for a korean one, simply because being at fuller and being surrounded by caucasians all the time, she needed to be around korean people every now and then. i finally understand, and i think i may need to go to a church with a lot of asian americans for that very reason.

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