all grown up

when my brother left for college, there was a little bit of trepidation in our family about how things would shake down. not that we doubted his intelligence, as he had long since impressed us with his wit and his near-photographic memory for american history, dates, and many other things; nor his drive, as he had demonstrated that early on in high school. it was just… well, he’s the baby of the family. few responsibilities had ever been bestowed on him. would he be able to take care of himself? would he study in the absence of daily homework assignments? would he starve to death? we just weren’t sure.

he silenced our fears pretty quickly, earning the william j. branstrom prize (given to the top 5% of the freshman class) in march of his first year… being asked to be part of aiv’s core team around the same time… and then getting into the public service internship program his sophomore year, which landed him a spot working on the hill the following summer… where he was made the student leader of the program, which put him in charge of 90 students and will send him back to dc this summer (rent-free, thankfully).

then, while liz was visiting me a few weeks ago, she said, “did you know that johnny started his own political party at michigan and is running for msa?” um, no. i was not aware of that. my little brother? founding his own… political party? i shouldn’t be shocked by these things, given his social acumen and his love for the politics. but my baby brother? running things at the finest university in the land? i shed a little tear.

so indeed, kiddo is on the ballot for this week’s elections (excuse the terrible picture). the young republican just snagged the endorsement of the college democrats… and the american movement for israel endorsement. and he’s going to dc in may. and he’ll be co-president of aiv when he returns to ann arbor. and on and on. kiddo, we knew you were fabulous, but you’ve blown us out of the water. i could not be more proud.

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