things that piss me off, #1

[we’re still on #1 b/c this is really an extenstion of the previous thing that pisses me off that i wrote about a few months ago.]

justin passed along a blog by kathy khang, an up-and-coming blogger in the asian american christian world (and a friend of my old roommate kathy), in response to the deadly viper character assassin controversy. she noted a comment that someone made on the issue about how the minority tail is now wagging the majority dog.

almost everything about this controversy has upset me, but that comment really got my goat. because its underlying message is this: we, the majority, the white people with power, don’t have a problem with this issue. you, the minority, the asian americans without power, have a problem with this issue. since there are more of us than you, you should shut up and not rock the boat and get over yourselves.

and that kills me. maybe it’s the rest of the comment that really gets to me — this person wrote that growing up, they were “assured that the nation would fall at my feet and doors would be open to me as I was tall, blond, white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant and male” and that he is now “feeling the backlash of the times” in which he was raised. well, friend: i’m sorry that there have been movements toward equality in your lifetime and that your life isn’t as easy as you were told it would be. i’m sorry that the playing field is a little more even for people who aren’t as tall, blond, white, anglo-saxon, protestant, or male as you are. i’m sorry that the voices of people who have less power than you are now being heard so that your boat is rocked a lot more often. i’m sorry that you now have to consider their feelings sometimes instead of them always having to accommodate yours.

actually, i take that back. i’m not sorry at all. i’m glad that you’re alive to see it, and i hope that you eventually see that this is a beautiful thing, that what seems like an annoyance to you now is actually justice, and that this is exactly the kind of thing for which Jesus advocated.

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