rick snyder won the michigan republican primary today.

this victory has personal ramifications for my family, because my brother worked for snyder last year. he was offered a full-time job with the campaign but opted to spend his summer in dc instead, stating that he would return if snyder won the primary. discussions of his potential roles in the campaign and the pending administration ensued. and now, hot damn, his boy won, so j could move back to michigan as early as friday.

it boggles my mind how unstable the world of politics is, how many futures are changed by a single election. your skills matter to some degree, but when it all boils down, whether or not you have a job depends on the voting public. that’s it. when a senator loses his seat, tens of people lose their jobs with him. and then what? hard to say. no wonder the streets of washington are littered with the battered souls of twentysomethings, to roughly paraphrase a friend of mine.

my brother fared better in this case. he has the potential to ride this wave for quite some time. and his other option wasn’t so bad, either; he was going to stick around in dc until the likely influx of republican congressmen and senators in november and try to hop on board with one of them, living his dream of being a young suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying whippersnapper on the hill. and who wouldn’t want him? he’s smart, well-educated, articulate, outgoing, confident, thoughtful, and asian american (let’s be honest — any thinking republican would probably snap him up on that basis alone, regardless of his other qualities).

i’m thrilled for my brother (and for my parents, too — my dad voted for snyder solely because his win would mean that j would live 50 miles away instead of 500). but, as i told him earlier today, i also feel a pang of envy. the ink on his diploma is barely dry, and already he is doing exactly what he wants to do (hell, knows exactly what he wants to do), is working for a candidate he really believes in, and is well on his way in pursuing his dream of a career in politics. he has at 21 what i am still struggling to figure out at 27, and he has doors open to him that i can hardly fathom. he’s worked his ass off to find and capitalize on the opportunities he’s been presented with, and i am unbelievably proud; but a large part of me wishes that i had the same kind of direction and excitement about what i was doing.

(not to mention that he will probably be making more than i will as we simultaneously start our first salaried positions. master’s degrees be damned. dinner’s on you next time, kid. 😉

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