let’s do a little review of asian americans who have made front-page news in recent years, shall we?

the virginia tech shooter

the guy who held up the discovery channel

and now the two rutgers students who posted a video online of their roommate having sex with another man, leading him to commit suicide.

i can’t help it: whenever things like this happen and the culprit is asian american, i always feel a heaping dose of embarrassment mixed with my shock and grief. asian americans don’t get a lot of airtime because we generally don’t seek it, save for the tila tequilas among us, but it seems like whenever we do get press these days, it’s because one of us has flipped out and done something completely crazy. i know that this isn’t the most sensitive thing to say, i know that all of these culprits have their own stories and issues and blah blah, but when these things happen, part of me just gets angry. could you not hold yourself together? were you not aware that you doing something completely stupid would bring the rest of us down with you?

such is the life of a minority. when a white person messes up, people don’t go making attributions about all white people being like them; but when a member of a minority group messes up, the entire group suffers. i know that it’s not true that all asian americans are crazy or homophobic, but these headlines won’t convince someone who doesn’t know many asian americans of that fact.

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