the katy perry debate

to anyone who questions whether or not katy perry’s performance on the AMAs was racist, i offer the following question:

what if, instead of a stereotypical “asian” performance, she had done a stereotypical “black” performance?

think about it for a moment.  think of a bunch of stereotypes about black people, and then imagine her incorporating all of them into one performance, complete with backup dancers in costume and millions of viewers watching.

can you imagine the outrage that would’ve followed?  wait, scratch that.  there would have been no outrage, because the AMAs never would have allowed such a performance in the first place.

yet, for some reason, they didn’t have the same reaction to an “asian” performance, and it seems that a lot of people out there are mystified as to why so many asian americans (and others) were offended by it.

the fact that perry could get away with a performance like that — and be applauded for it, even — says a lot about how racism against asians and asian americans is still considered acceptable.

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