moving forward, moving back: the year in race — the salt collective

we’ve hit the january lull:  most of us have reluctantly resumed our real lives after our new year celebrations and are eagerly awaiting our next day off, which, for many of us, is martin luther king day.  (except for those of you in the midwest who are already enjoying a few snow days; i enviously salute you.)  i’ve often been guilty sleepwalking through this interholiday period, thinking only of the upcoming long weekend.  recently, though, i’ve started to see that this is the perfect time to reflect on what these 2 holidays commemorate:  where we’ve come as a nation in terms of race and equality, and what kinds of choices we want to make in the year ahead.

so today — roughly halfway between new year’s day and mlk day — seems like an appropriate time to look back on the racial progress we’ve forged or erased in the last 12 months:

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