Am Asian American, Have Been in Therapy

I imagine that the title of this post is making some of you wary of me, so before I continue, let me assure you:  I am, by all accounts, a fairly normal person.  I’m very outgoing.  I have a lot of friends.  I’m usually happy.  I have a great family.  I have no shortage of quirks, but I’m not a weirdo.  (Though most weirdos don’t think they’re weirdos, so that’s probably not the most reassuring statement.  But for what it’s worth.)

So why on earth was I in therapy?

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Thanks to Diana Hong for suggesting the topic.

2 thoughts on “Am Asian American, Have Been in Therapy

  1. Me too – done this, along with the Asian existential and professional crisis/ relationship dynamic stuff/ relationship with parents. Still dealing with the race/third culture stuff. This is a big topic and I find so few people I can talk to about it, since I still have shame regarding having done therapy. And when I do find someone, such as you, I don’t know where to start!!! Haha.

    I guess I’m thinking about the professional stuff – wanting to be a social entrepreneur, travel, and figure out how to make the lives of people around the world better using technology. I’m hoping this travel will both enlighten myself/ my values, as well as my career. Not sure how to better articulate it.

    Haha I guess I’m saying, I’d love to have a dialog and conversation with you but don’t really know how to start!

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