How Do You Raise a Multiracial Child?

Fact #1 about being in an interracial marriage: People tell you all the time that your kids will be beautiful. Seriously, all the time: the first time you meet them, whenever the topic of children comes up, sometimes for no reason at all.  I have mixed feelings about how appropriate this statement is: Yes, I’d love for my children to be good-looking, who wouldn’t (life is so much easier for beautiful people, isn’t it?), but something about it feels a little stereotyped to me. There are unattractive multiracial people out there, after all. (No names. But they’re out there.) And, on an unrelated note, this comment makes me feel pressure to produce a good-looking child, which I have literally no control over – and again, let’s remember that unattractiveness is completely within the realm of possibility. But I digress.

While other people assert that my still-hypothetical children will be beautiful, I’m concerned about something else entirely: How exactly does one raise a multiracial child?

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