I Didn’t Love the Mulan Trailer as Much as Everyone Else Did

On Sunday afternoon, I was working at a coffee shop when a Facebook Messenger notification lit up my phone. “OMG,” the message read, with a link to the teaser trailer for Mulan that had dropped earlier that day.

Judging from my social media feeds, “OMG” seems to be the consensus around this trailer. Objectively, I can see where this response is coming from: Every scene is beautifully shot. The lead actress, Yifei Liu, is a wonder — a sword-wielding, ass-kicking queen. The fight scenes look elaborate and intense. The entire cast appears to be not just Asian but specifically Chinese — which, given that we’re only three years removed from The Great Wall, is nothing to sneeze at.

The few lines of dialogue we got to hear, however, made me cringe.

Mulan says two lines in the teaser (which, to be fair, is all of 89 seconds long):

“Yes. I will bring honor to us all.”


“It is my duty to fight.”

And I felt my eyes roll all the way to the back of my head.

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