One thought on “Repost in the Huffington Post

  1. Hi there! Where do I even begin… first off, thanks for writing your article titled, “The Loneliness of the Progressive Asian American Christian”. My friend found the re-post on Huffington Post and forwarded to me. Anyways, I just wanted to express my gratitude and say thanks for sharing your authenticity and being vulnerable with the [internet] community. The “faith transformation” that you describe during your time in your clinical psych program is pretty much exactly what I have been experiencing in my school counseling program. As a [future] educator who strives to level the playing field for ALL students and families, my mind is constantly at work trying to think of more effective and meaningful for ways to serve my students. That disconnect you describe is definitely something I’ve also been experiencing and it only seems to widen and grow deeper as more time passes by. I’ve struggled with wanting to leave and move to different church, but at the same time, I can’t justify myself to leave. I love my church, I really do. My church family has played a significant role in my faith and I am grateful for my community, but at the same time I feel incredibly claustrophobic. I hate that I have to stay silent or avoid different topics for the sake of maintaining peace and it’s a struggle for me not to flinch when my fellow “brothers” and “sisters” roll their eyes when I talk about my progressive values.

    Anyways, this is a really long comment to say: thank you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – as cheesy as this may sound, but your words have refreshed many parts of my soul. I’ve never felt so relieved to hear that someone else out there in this gigantic world feels and thinks similarly as I do… Thanks again!

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